. . music. .

12-13-14 The Gutter, Brooklyn, NY
w/Christy & Emily, Relations, Borts Minorts

9-12-14 The Rad Pad, Brooklyn, NY
w/Christy & Emily, Relations, Borts Minorts, Loving You

6-17-14 Cake Shop, New York, NY
w/Tough Age, Summer Saints

5-28-14 Pianos, New York, NY
w/Relations, Peter Aaron/Brian Chase Duo, Forts, Strange Kids

1-8-14 Bowery Electric, New York, NY
w/Relations, Appamattox

9-12-13 The Gutter, Brooklyn, NY
w/Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Steve Shiffman & The Land of No

6-27-12 Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY
w/Pretendo, The Walking Hellos

1-12-12 August Lucey Fundraiser, Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY
w/Edgar Oliver, Dome Theater

9-9-11 The Black Swan, Tivoli, NY

6-11-11 657 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Doom Trumpet, Lightouts, Donny Hue and the Colors

5-20-11 Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Thank You Rosekind

4-6-11 Fontana's, New York, NY
w/ The Pioneers of Seduction

2-16-11 Don Pedro, Brooklyn, NY
w/Steer, Relations

1-25-11 Benefit for Tim Monaghan, Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY
w/My Other Friend, J.P. & The Gilberts, Quills

1-24-11 Benefit for Clare Amory, Zebulon, Brooklyn, NY
w/Nymph, Dome Theater, Psychic Ills DJs, Harrison Owen

1-7-11 Matchless, Brooklyn, NY
w/VAZ, Seabrook Power Plant, Relations

11-11-10 Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY

w/Yvette, Datus, The Boy With the Ice Cream Face

10-23-10 ABC No Rio, New York, NY
w/Überyou, Miscegenator, All Torn Up

7-25-10 Amnesia, San Francisco, CA
w/Kemo Sabe, MC Subzero Permafrost, DJ Junk Drawer

7-24-10 Heco's Place, Oakland, CA
w/Naked Lights, Hailey Gaiser, Heco, Sanity Muffin Tape DJ, Krob

7-21-10 Bar Pink, San Diego, CA
w/Bella Novela

7-20-10 Club Ding-a-Ling at 611 North Alvarado, Los Angeles, CA
w/Holly Roller, Phones
, MC Don Bolles

4-24-10 The Rad Pad, Brooklyn, NY
w/Source of Yellow, McDonalds

1-24-10 Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
w/S.S.P.S, Tammy's Tears, DJ Marcelle

11-19-09 Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY
w/Starring, Jodienda. Datus

10-24-09 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY
w/J.A.C.K., The Art of Shooting, Buke & Gass, Pink Noise, My Other Friend, Kittens Ablaze,
Electric Tickle Machine, JP Gilbert, Hull, No Pasaran, Werewolves, Desert Stars, Ivana XL,
Masterface, Eula, Kill Kill Kill

9-2-09 Cake Shop, New York, NY
w/Hunters, Source of Yellow, DJ Zebrablood

8-21-09 Matchless, Brooklyn, NY
w/D Bags, Pep Rally

8-17-09 Matchless, Brooklyn, NY

w/Hell's Hills and Source of Yellow

5-22-09 Rockstar Bar, Brooklyn, NY

5-7-09 Cinema 16 at Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, NY

3-27-09 The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
w/Obits, Rope, The Browns

1-17-09 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/DJ Ivan Sunshine

8-14-08 Narwhal Arms, Providence, RI

6-9-08 Donuts @ The Knockout, San Francisco, CA
w/Bronze, DJ Pickpocket, DJ Ed Davenport

6-7-08 ART SF, San Francisco, CA
w/Fluff Girl, Heavy Hindenburg, K-Rob

5-23-08 70 Alpha Beta, Brooklyn, NY
w/J.A.C.K., SUSU, Buke and Gass

4-26-08 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/Brett Treacy, DJ Karl Krantz

3-23-08 Knitting Factory, New York, NY
w/Old Time Relijun, The Vivian Girls, Dokkebi Q

3-24-07 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Jack, Abigail Warchild, DJ Karl Krantz

3-24-07 Sin-e New York, NY
w/ Nous Non Plus, The Primms, Fabulous Entourage, Spray Paint Stars

12-3-06 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
w/ Grey Daturas, Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears

10-28-06 Cake Shop New York, NY
w/MC Trachiotomy, Moon & Moon, Eric Gaffney, HEALTH

8-12-06 Knitting Factory, New York NY
w/Extra Action Marching Band, Humanwine, AUN, Express Fiesta Glacier

8-5-06 Radio Festival, Free 103.9 Wave Farm, Acra, NY
w/Anna Friz, Damian Catera, Karin Bolendar, Patrick Jordan & Todd Merrell

7-1-06 Resort, Livingston Manor, NY

6-30-06 Mt. Tremper Arts, Mt. Tremper, NY
w/ John Leo

6-29-06 Great Scott, Allston, MA
w/Mad Man Films, Ugly Fucklings, Appletown Gunshop

6-1-06 Lolita Bar, New York, NY
w/Mad Man Films, Bombs

5-17-06 Stray Bar, Hudson, NY
w/Jack, Tsar's Carz

5-5-06 1717 Troutman, Ridgewood, NY
w/Dirty on Purpose, Other Passengers, Kalpana

4-15-06 Tommy's Tavern, Brooklyn, NY
w/Mazing Vids, Abigail Warchild, O'Death

4-13-06 The Middle East, Cambridge, MA
w/Abigail Warchild, The Beat Awfuls, Age Rings

3-10-06 Scope NY at Hiro Ballroom, New York, NY
w/Lake, Nous Non Plus, Christy & Emily, DJ Porkchop, Chick

2-9-06 Cake Shop New York, NY
w/Lake, Mad Man Films, DJ Porkchop

1-14-06 Kingsland Tavern, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Jack, Jaws

12-31-05 Rubulad, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Dufus, Paprika, Fur Cups for Teeth

12-9-05 Talking Head Club, Baltimore, MD
w/ Sick Sick Birds, Mean Spirits

12-8-05 Knitting Factory Tap Bar
w/ Jack Grace Band, Morricone Youth, Sad Little Stars

11-2-05 Scenic, New York, NY
w/ Lake, Pretendo, Beat Radio, DJ Porkchop

10-12-05 May-n-Kevin 4ever, Providence, RI
w/ The Blow, Yacht, Anna Oxygen, Mudboy, The Awesome Brothers

10-11-05 Great Scott, Allston, MA
w/Mad Man Films, Abigail Warchild, Codetta

9-24-05 The Rad Pad, Brooklyn, NY
w/Abigail Warchild

8-7-05 Talking Head Club, Baltimore, MD
w/Modeldown, Glaz Almaz

8-4-05 T.T. the Bear's Place, Cambridge, MA
w/Modeldown, Pick-Ups

7-4-05 Tune(Out)))side at Free 103.9 Wave Farm, Acra, NY
w/Peggy Awesh & Barbara Ess, Talibam, Tom Roe, Telepathy

7-2-05 The Hook, Brooklyn, NY
w/Ill Ease, The Notekillers

5-28-05 124 Walworth, Brooklyn, NY
w/Golem, Donkey Claw, Express Fiesta Glacier, DJ Karl Krantz

5-7-05 Asterisk Art Project, Brooklyn, NY
w/Stay Fucked, Mistakes, Dynasty, People

4-8-05 Sin-e New York, NY
w/Freddie Mas, Deva, Donkey Claw, Haunted Pussy

3-11-05 -scope art fair, Flatotel, New York, NY
w/Morricone Youth, DJ Porkchop, DJ Zebra Blood

2-16-05 Knitting Factory Tap Bar
w/Brute Force, Morricone Youth, Christy & Emily, DJ Zebra Blood

1-8-04 Tommy's Tavern, Brooklyn, NY
w/Shellshag, Ill Ease, Strategy, Emergency, DJ Porkchop

12-19-04 The Delancey, New York, NY
w/Christy & Emily, Eyes Like Knives, Cholo

12-1-04 Death Disco at The Delancey, New York, NY
w/Dirt Bike Annie, White Oni, DJ BP Fallon

11-27-04 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/DJ Porkchop, DJ Karl Krantz

10-2-04 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/DJ Karl Krantz

9-22-04 Knitting Factory Tap Bar, New York, NY
w/Men's Tennis, Baby Shower, Christy & Emily, DJ ZebraBlood

8-21-04 House Party, Brooklyn, NY
w/Lake, Daddy, High School, Zak Vreeland, DJ Porkchop

7-22-04 Tommy's Tavern, Brooklyn, NY
w/Mazing Vids, Sugarbush, 2000million10

7-3-04 Tune Outside/The Bomber, Cornwallville, NY
w/70 Minute Hour

7-1-04 Sin-e, New York, NY
w/This Ascension, Belacqua, Anagram

5-28-04 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/The Last Days, Christy and Emily

3-20-04 Active Driveway, Brooklyn, NY
w/The Last Days

3-19-04 Intervention at Boogaloo, Brooklyn, NY
w/Ghost Exits K.R.E.W. DJs

1-25-04 The Middle East, Boston, NY
w/Dresden Dolls, World Inferno Friendship Society, SNMNMNM

10-18-03 DUMBO Bazaar, The Nest, Brooklyn, NY

10-6-03 The Backroom at Sin-e, New York, NY
w/Brian & Leon DeWan, Jim Coleman, Dorit Chrysler

9-13-03 Lit, New York, NY
w/Lil' Fighters, Like Young

6-27-03 Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn, NY
w/DJ Gilles

6-5-03 Sin-e, New York, NY
w/Lil' Fighters, Kill Henry Sugar

5-25-03 Atlas Bower Books, Providence R.I.
w/Nick Forte

5-24-03 Panarchy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H.
w/Nick Forte

5-21-03 Interventon at BQE Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
w/Metal City

5-17-03 Free 103.9 benefit at OfficeOps, Brooklyn, NY
w/Nels Cline, Singe & Verb, Rotten Piece, 70 Minute Hour

4-24-03 M. Shanghai Den, Brooklyn, NY
w/Vivian Sisters

1-19-03 Luxx, Brooklyn, NY
w/TVX, Ghost Exits, Barry Andrews

1-3-03 Stiff Disco at Pianos, New York, NY
w/TVX & DJ Zebra Blood

11-15-02 St. Marks Poetry Project, New York, NY

10-16-02 The Continental, New York, NY
w/DJ Joshua Gabriel

09-11-02 Intervention at BQE Lounge, Brooklyn, NY
w/DJ Doug Moursock, Ghost Exits K.R.E.W. DJs

07-25-02 Avant God at Luxx, Brookyln, NY
w/DJs Zebra Blood, Dan Hougland, Mary X-mas